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Hi, I am Avinash Katta (YouTube Coach)

I have made a decision in my life to mentor and create 100,000 Quality YouTubers in India.

To be a Good YouTuber,

  • You Need the Right Knowledge
  • You Need the Right Tools
  • You Need the Right Friends
  • You Need the Right Spirit
  • You Need the Right Mentor.

Hence, I created the INDIAN YOUTUBERS COMMUNITY where you can get all of the above.

INDIAN YOUTUBERS COMMUNITY is a group of like minded youtubers coming together to share their experience and knowledge to other youtubers.

If you are serious about YouTube & not part of the INDIAN YOUTUBERS COMMUNITY, this is how you can join right now.

It’s a PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP and We only approve selected people.

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Avinash Katta

YouTube Coach & Business Owner.

With 10+ years of digital marketing experience, I train people on running successful online businesses with the help of YouTube.