If you are in a hurry and need a quick Weje Review, here are the key points.

Weje Review

  • 🏷️ About

    Weje helps you Collect, Organize, Plan, and Share your most valuable data. It’s a virtual whiteboard that lets you easily collaborate & brainstorm with your team.
  • 😍 Pros

    Easily copy-paste or drag and drop Images, Videos, Pdf, Gifs & Any web URL into Weje, Can collaborate and share boards with your team members & Limits are good.
  • 😩 Cons

    No search functionality, No flowcharts & No official mobile app as of now.
  • πŸ’² Pricing

    $49 – $159 (lifetime Deal)
  • βŒ› Limits

    5 to 25 Team Members
  • β›³ Conclusion

    Weje is in its early stage and a little basic. It’s not business-ready yet and can’t replace Miro completely but If you are looking for a Miro alternative, you can get Weje. If you use Mindmaps or brainstorm along with your team, I would suggest you weje.

Now let’s get started with the In-depth Weje Review.

What is Weje? πŸ‘

Weje helps you Collect, Organize, Plan, and Share your most valuable data.

It’s a virtual whiteboard that lets you easily collaborate & brainstorm with your team.

It can host data such as Notes, Images, PDF files, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Video, Audio & can embed any web URL with a preview.

It is an All-in-one collaborative workspace & can manage huge amounts of information with ease.

Use Cases of Weje : πŸ’‘

Below are some example use cases of Weje.

Use Case 1: Product Roadmaps

Weje can be used for building product roadmaps. They built their own roadmap using weje. You can check it out here.

Use Case 2: Funnel Planning

Weje can be used for planning your funnels and mapping customer journey.

Use Case 3: Blog Content Planning

You can arrange ideas for the blog in one place using Weje. It can be used for building blog outlines and for gathering different kinds of data needed to produce articles.

Use Case 4: Check Lists

You can create checklists for guided recurring tasks that you do or can share those checklists with your team.

Use Case 5: Visual maps

You can create visual maps to achieve more clarity with your project.

Use Case 6: Education

You can take notes It’s what I’m using to make an outline for my law exams.

Use Case 7: Organize thoughts

Weje can be used for organizing your thoughts to declutter your mind and make good decisions. It’s great for structuring thoughts and ideas.

Pros: βœ”οΈ

  • Can easily copy paste or drag and drop Images, Videos, PDF, Gif’s & Any web URL
  • Can edit docs and sheets inside Weje and need not leave the board.
  • Can collaborate and share boards to your team members with view and edit access. We can also see who is online and accessing your board.
  • Template Library has been growing & they are clean & easy to use.
  • Limits are good. You get unlimited file upload with the top plan.
  • Can embed Twitter Cards.
  • UI and UX are simple to use. The interface is superfast.
  • The trash feature lets you restore deleted cards.
  • Boards can be publicly shared with the Share URL.

Cons: ❌

Though there are good aspects to Weje, there are some areas where Weje can still improve. Here are some of my findings.

  • No search functionality. To search for a specific board I have to scroll and find it.
  • The erase functionality on the doodle board can be improved.
  • The text formatting options are not easy to find for the first time.
  • Can’t create own templates as of now.
  • Can’t import multiple templates inside a board.
  • There is no “table” card type. Alternatively we can lists with in lists.
  • No flowcharts as of now to have circles, rectangles or any other shapes.
  • Auto connecting cards as we drag them is not available.
  • No official mobile app as of now.

Alternative to: 🀠

Here is a list of tools that Weje is an alternative to.

  • Miro
  • Figma
  • Google Jamboard
  • Milanote
  • Invision App – Freehand
  • Collaboard
  • Microsoft Whiteboard

About the Company: πŸ’Ό

Lifetime Deal Link (Latest)https://link.katta.co/weje
Founded in2021
Domain Registered till2022-10-25
FoundersEvgeny Medvednikov
Estimated Number of Employees2 (Planning to Recruit more)
Social Media ProfilesLinked InTwitterFacebook
Supportwj@weje.io, & Live chat on website.
Help Documentationhttps://weje.io/knowledgebase/
Free TrialYes
Facebook GroupYes
Active on Facebook GroupsYes
Alexa Rank153,459 (Approximately)

UI & UX: 🌐

  • The interface is clean, neat and fast. It is easy to understand and user friendly.
  • You can Just drag and drop images & files straight from desktop.

Features: πŸ’ͺ

Here are the features that you get with the Weje lifetime deal.

Visual whiteboarding

Turn your goals into actions, all on a single web whiteboard. You can Organize your thoughts and collaborate seamlessly.

Upload any files: Add any common file types to the digital board. Then – preview them in the workspace.

Pen tool – Tt’s a temporary drawing and does not save on the board.

Doodle Cards – They are permanent drawings and saved as cards.

You can also save your board as pdf and print it.

Online Sticky Notes

Organize your to-dos, save useful content directly to Weje and convert intangible ideas into easy-to-understand visuals.

Track the progress of sticky notes and move them to β€œDone”

Mind Map Maker

Mind mapping is a great way to bring your ideas to life and present them to the world.

Use a built-in mind map maker or a painting tool – to arrange uploads even better.

You can organize complicated ideas into beautiful dashboards.

Kanban Board

Group objects in a logical cluster with a visual project management tool.

Delete tasks or move them from the β€œIn progress” to β€œDone”.

Arrange lists anyhow you like – up, down, left, right, in, or inside-out. Organize at will.

You can create an infinite number of cards and lists on your boards.

Brainstorm App

Every idea is worth attention.

Use Weje for brainstorming to implement knowledge management Choose the best from the brainstorm.

  • After – organize the workflow and give priority to tasks.
  • Create brainstorming space and gather ideas online.
  • Brainstorm individually or collaborate with your team.
  • Distinguish individual opinions by labeling teammates (e.g. with a color or emoji).

Mood board Maker

Manage your creative ideas with a digital mood board maker from Weje.

Design beautiful mood boards and showcase them to the world in minutes!


Go ahead with smart data-driven decisions in a flash.

Easily implement knowledge management and create a DIKW model for accurate forecasting.

Team collaboration

Boost your productivity and team performance right off!

Weje makes ideation and collaboration as easy as ABC

  • Bring all team members under one roof and ensure seamless team collaboration.
  • Assign roles by tagging team members and stay on top of tasks and projects.
  • Give and get real-time feedback for smarter workflows and better results.


Support: ☎️

These are Weje support details in case you want to contact them.

Resources: πŸ“–

They do have good resources helping you to learn how to use Weje.

You can make use of the following resources.


Here is the Weje roadmap, if you wish to see what they are working on.

One thing I love about the road map is that they have used their own tool Weje to create it, setting an example of how Weje can be used.


Who Should Buy? πŸ’³

  • Marketers
  • Writers
  • Students
  • Business Owners
  • Educators
  • Bloggers
  • SEO’s
  • Solopreneurs

Lifetime Deal Pricing: πŸ€Ήβ€β™€οΈ

For Weje LTD Pricing, you have 3 plans in total. Below are the details. 

FeaturesStarter PlanGrowth PlanNext Plan
Team Members51025
Voice ChatYes (Soon)Yes (Soon)Yes (Soon)
Version HistoryYesYesYes

Monthly Pricing: πŸ’²

Boards Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
File Upload Limit10MB100MBUnlimited
Team Members51025
Roles & Team ManagementNoNoYes
Voice ChatYes (Soon)Yes (Soon)Yes (Soon)
Version HistoryYesYesYes

Final Verdict: 🀘

In the beginning, it felt a little difficult but as I kept using it became easier.

Weje is in its early stage and a little basic. It’s not business-ready yet and can’t replace Miro completely but If you are looking for a Miro alternative, you can get Weje.

There are some essential features like flow charts still under development.

Remember Miro is 7 years old, Weje is just 7 months old but the development is happening very fast.

If you don’t use Mindmaps with your team, you can stick to the free version.

If you use Mindmaps or brainstorm along with your team, I would suggest you get the paid version.

It’s a good tool and a good investment. Go for it. Get a plan that suits your needs.