As a blogger, I rely on tools that can help me generate unique content for my various online projects.

If you love writing articles and blog posts, it can be very frustrating when it takes forever actually to publish them. Most bloggers and writers have the same problem. They are good writers, but they don’t have a lot of time.

Textbuilder.AI is software that makes writing articles and blog posts easy.

TextBuilder Lifetime Deal

Textbuilder AI makes writing articles and blog posts easy.
now $79/Lifetime
Save $20 Review:

Here are the key points if you are in a hurry and need a quick Review.

textbuilder is one of the best AI Writing software I have seen in the market with Quick Development, Extremely Fast Generation.52299USD Review

  • 🏷️ About is a unique AI Writing Tool that can write high-converting content for your blog posts and amazon affiliate reviews, Instantly helping you create better content. This is specially made for affiliate marketers.
  • 😍 Pros

    Quick Development, Extremely Fast Generation, Made for Affiliate Bloggers, High-Quality Results, Plagiarism Free, Content That Ranks, More than 100+ Templates, Great Support.
  • 😩 Cons

    UI & UX is Not mobile Responsive, No Grammar checker & No SEO Features.
  • πŸ’° Price

    $79/Code (Lifetime Deal)
  • βŒ› Limits

    30,000 Words per month for each code you buy. (Decent)
  • β›³ Conclusion

    It’s one of the best AI Writing software I have seen in the market. I suggest you stack at least 5 codes because you will be using them a lot going forward.

What is is a unique AI Writing Tool that can write high-converting Blog Posts and Amazon Affiliate Reviews Instantly helping you create better content.

It uses artificial intelligence technology to generate content and saves a lot of time and effort required to write them. It generates high-quality Top 10 Best listicles, How To tutorials, Ad copy, blog posts, product descriptions, video scripts, and more.

I have been surprised by the way it can be used to write long content using AI and impressed with the quality of the content it generates. is an alternative to,, Jasper, & WriterZen. review review

In This Textbuilder.AI review, we will be going over the lifetime deal, features, Pros & Cons, and the use cases of Lifetime Deal:

Below are the Lifetime deal limits.

textbuilder lifetime deal Lifetime Deal
  • Users with Unlimited subscriptions generate around 130,000-230,000 words per month.
  • You can stack unlimited codes and each code comes with 30,000 words per month.
  • There is no Unlimited plan for the lifetime deal but If you are looking for an unlimited plan, I suggest you stack at least 5 codes and that should be sufficient.

Note: You can get access to the Lifetime deal only by using an invitation code.

Use Cases:

Here are a few example use cases of

1. Long Form Blog Articles:

You can Generate long, high-quality articles 10x faster in just minutes using the AI Writer. This helps bloggers to save a ton of time.

2. Amazon Affiliate Reviews:

The part which really attracts me about this tool is, AI Builder’s capability of being able to write Amazon product reviews. This is helpful for Amazon affiliate Marketers. It even beats regular affiliate content writers in this aspect.

3. Copywriting Templates:

There are many copywriting Templates that give you ideas to start and this helps copywriters with their writers block.

4. Text for Ads & Websites:

It generates high-quality ads, YouTube video scrips, email campaigns, blog intros, outlines, startup growing ideas and more.


Here are the features that you get with the Lifetime Deal.

It has a lot of templates for Blog posts, Blog title generator, How we pick & Test?, Social media, SEO, Top 10 Best Article, Product Reviews Paragraph V2, and Many more.

Generated paragraphs are amazing and have no plagiarism. Amazon product reviews template is something that many people will like.

  • Lightning Fast Generation – Time is money. significantly increased the speed of text generation by using the latest GPT technology for synchronous processing and output. They don’t use GPT-3, they use the latest generation of text generation AI with their own trained models running on ultra-fast GPU cloud servers. This is why we are able to provide SUPER FAST text generation. You can get results in 2-5 seconds.
  • 100% Unique Text – Nobody wants to copy/paste or spin text. generates text using its own trained GPT-J, GPT-Neox, and GPT-3 to provide the most unique texts that can pass Copyscape tests.
  • Top Notch Support – Don’t worry if things don’t work out or you don’t understand something. support is fast & friendly. Their team members are knowledgeable.
  • Templates – I don’t need to build any extra affiliate frameworks, and everything is readily available in it.
    • FAQ Ideas – I also love the FAQ Ideas output.
    • Conclusion Paragraph + CTA is a very nice and unique feature
Textbuilder ai templates
Textbuilder ai templates
  • Results History – You can see all the results history. I also like that the editor does not lose any content while switching different tools like intro, outline, etc. history feature history feature
  • Input Data Button: You can see what data you have entered in previous templates. This makes it possible to see what data was entered for each result. Just click on the “INPUT DATA” button, and click on the “ADD TO GENERATOR” button, that data can be copied to the form and used again. This will help you to write even more efficiently. input data input data
  • AI Writer – ‘AI Writer’ is a very interesting feature, and I haven’t seen anything like it before. Exceptionally thoughtful and beautifully executed every time!!!
Text Builder AI Writer
Text Builder AI Writer
  • Long Form Editor: also includes a long-form copywriter, which is available for all payment plans (including free). Long Form Editor Long Form Editor
  • Add to Writer: Generate any topic, and when you click on the “add to writer” button, that text will automatically be added to the long-form editor on the screen to the right. Add to writer Add to writer
  • Credit Managers – These are the little options that help you manage & save your credits (or not spend them unnecessarily). Credit Managers Credit Managers
  • AI Builder – World’s first Top 10 Best Listicles Generator – Listicles are great. Just write a keyword, click on “Build List,” and done! Your listicle is READY! Again, the ability to come up with product reviews from information on the Amazon Product Page is excellent.
Text Builder AI Builder
Text Builder AI Builder
  • Custom Frameworks – It is good that we can develop our own frameworks. There aren’t many AI tools that can create custom templates, but TextBuilder does. You can create a custom framework that meets your specific needs. custom frameworks custom frameworks
  • Rewrite – You can select the text you want to be rewritten, and Textbuilder will rewrite the content.

  • Templates – You can write different types of content within minutes that are of High Quality.
    • Top 10 Best [product] Listicles
    • Affiliate Product Reviews
    • How-to Blog posts
    • Buyers Guide blog posts
    • more Affiliate and Blog Content
    • A long blog post for any niche
    • How-to style articles
    • Guest posts for blogs
    • E-Books
    • Articles for Fiverr, Upwork, etc.
    • Ads Copy (AIDA, PAS, Facebook, etc.)
    • Social Media Content
    • Shopify/Amazon Product Descriptions
    • Texts for Websites
    • E-Mails


  • Quick Development – I Keep seeing Regular updates from the developer. Before I use yesterday’s development, there is a new development today.
  • Extremely Fast Generation – Response from TextBuilder is very fast. It’s like 5x faster than the competitors. There’s a very straightforward “Input Form,” and the outputs are pretty accurate.
  • Made for Affiliate Bloggers – It’s built and trained for a very specific purpose, for writing product reviews and listicles for affiliate blogs.
  • High-Quality Results – In many AI writing tools, Repetition and Content Quality are significant issues, but in TextBuilder, that is not the case. As much as I use it, as much as I like it.
  • Plagiarism Free – Most of the time, the content created using Textbuilder is plagiarism free and 100% Unique Text.
  • Content That Ranks – Produces solid blog content throughout. Blog post intro, Conclusion Paragraph + CTA.
  • More than 90+ Templates – Text builder has a good collection of templates for common use cases. All the tools/templates are in sequence.
  • Support – Great customer support, and the founder is very responsive in the Facebook group.


  • UI – The UI section could be improved. Currently, it looks quite cluttered. It’s not optimized for the tab and small screens. It’s Not mobile-responsive.
  • UX – Good that all the options and functionalities are in the same window, but because of the UI issues and as the sorting system is still being built, there are UX issues. But as it’s still early, I guess this will be sorted out.
  • No Grammar & Plagiarism checker. Have to get it done externally in Grammarly & Copyscape.
  • No ability to export text to WordPress. You need to Copy & Paste.
  • No SEO features like NLP keywords. Have to do it with External Tools.
  • They are missing a Flow builder. A flow builder is a collection of short-form generators in a step-by-step process. In this way, a person can generate a blog title, meta info, outline, sections, and so on. The flow designer would set this apart from many others in the market.
  • RoadMap – There is no Public Roadmap.


Textbuilder pricing

About the Company:

There are many AI writers on the market, but Text Builder is unique. It’s Made for Affiliate Bloggers. is built by an affiliate expert who has been blogging and earning from Amazon, ShareASale, Commission Junction, Impact, and many private affiliate networks for years. He knows how to write articles that get on the first pages of Google.

He has integrated all this knowledge into TextBuilder’s AI models, so you, too, can write high-quality blogs and earn from affiliates.

Lifetime Deal Link (Latest)
Founded in2021-11-06
Domain Registered tillNot Known
FoundersZigmars Berzins
Estimated Number of Employees1 Man Army, Single Founder and Recruiting a team.
Facebook Group (Very Active)Text Facebook Community
YouTube Tutorial Videos
Help DocumentationNot Ready
GDPR ComplianceYes
Free TrialYes, You get 1000 words for Free. Sign Up Here.
Referral ProgramYes, you get 10,000 Extra words for every paid referral.
RoadmapUnder Construction Review:

Although there are tons of AI writers, Textbuilder looks promising and is uniquely built for affiliate marketers.

  • Ideal for Affiliates
  • Easy to use
  • It has a Minimal learning curve.

You can use it to generate affiliate articles, product reviews, video descriptions, and other content for your affiliate sites.

Its goal is to help you frequently, consistently, and reliably write for affiliate marketing.

This is a Gem, and at this price, with a limit of 30k words per month with nearly 0% garbage generation, it’s a steal & a must-have Ai writing tool.

The tool is currently in its early stage, but overall looks very good. It’s a good investment & saves money on your monthly billing.

Don’t miss out on this deal. Get multiple codes based on your needs.

Go for it. Get Lifetime Deal(Follow the Below Steps) πŸ˜€


You can get the Lifetime Deal here:

LTD plan is unique. It’s different from regular plans. You get 30,000 words per month.

TextBuilder does not use GPT-3. TextBuilder uses its own trained AI based on GPT-J, GPT-neoX-20b. Therefore, the text will be completely different from the content generated with GPT-3. (slow speed and limited character output length).

Yes, Yes. You can order more credits for the existing LTD plan. You can stack an unlimited number of codes.

I would recommend going for the plan that meets your monthly word requirement. (Maybe 5 codes) should do the job.

The unlimited Plan is only for MRR. There is no unlimited plan in the Lifetime deal.

No. All plans are the same except for credit count. You get all the features.

It will be ready by 1st August. There will be an option for extra seats (but this feature is currently under construction)


More for Shopify (eCommerce), (e-mail) Sale letters, and more for Affiliate and Social posts.

You will have 14 days to test the product and get a refund if you don’t need it.