With AI tools popping up right and left in the market,

the most common question asked is, “Which AI Content writing tool should I use“?

This is not an in-depth comparison but,

To answer that question,

Here is a simple list of the Best AI & SEO Black Friday Deals of 2022 that will help you create unlimited AI content, and AI Images & Optimize them.

Most of them are Lifetime deals & a few are subscription models.

You can pick the model that suits you the best.


RankingToolDeal LinkSpecialty
1TextBuilder.aiBest DealBest for Google Safe AI Content (Lifetime Deal + Subscription)
2GoCharlieBest DealBest for 1 Click AI Long form AI Content (New & Unique)
3ScalenutBest DealBest for Both AI Content & SEO (Master Piece – Subscription)
4Copy.aiBest DealBest for Quality AI Content & Easy to Use (Subscription)
5FraseBest DealBest for Both SEO Optimization & AI Content (Subscription)
6CloserscopyBest DealBest for Unlimited AI Content + AI Images + SEO (Learning Curve)
7WordheroBest DealBest for Unlimited GPT-3 AI Content (Stacking Needed)
8NichesssBest DealBest for Short form AI Content + AI Images (Cheapest)
9NeuronWriterBest DealBest for SEO Content Optimization (People’s Choice)
10Super MachineBest DealBest for AI Images (Non-Refundable)
11TopicMojoBest DealBest for Topic Ideas (Answerthepublic alternative)
12KadenceBest DealBest for SEO-friendly WordPress Theme (Ultra Fast)


If you are unable to decide which one to get, I would recommend getting Textbuilder Subscription or GoCharlie Lifetime Deal.

If you still can’t decide & want to have a talk before buying,

Shoot me a message on Messenger. (My Time Zone is IST)

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