Hi, I am Avinash Katta, Youtube Coach, and Business owner.

I have 3 things to tell you today.

  1. I would like to Apologize
  2. I would like to tell you about the Upcoming challenges &
  3. Future plans for this channel and how it will help you

1. I am SORRY

In December 2019 I uploaded a video with a challenge of getting 1000 subscribers from that single video and it worked.

That video made my channel reach the1000 subscribers and boom my channel got monetized.

Of course yes, not everyone liked the idea of that video because I in the entire video all I was doing is to ask people to subscribe and it was boring.

But it got me what I wanted.

And then, in January, I went on to experiment with a cover song from a Telugu movie named Bhishma on another channel of mine and that video reached 1 lakh views. I was actually expecting it to do much better because I spent almost 1 month of my time and 40,000 rs for that one song alone.

Since I was entirely new to that field, gathering the team took me most of the time. I had a cameraman, Director, Female Lead, Assistants, Editor, Manager and a whole team there.

And by the way, if you want to watch that cover song, I will link to it in the description below. You will enjoy it if you watch it till the end. But do it after finishing this video.

Alright, After finishing that project, I had a plan of creating multiple videos that will help new YouTubers to grow their YouTube Channels and help them on their YouTube journey.

But unfortunately, I got into a break. I was busy with my sister’s marriage at my home town at the beginning of march and then lockdown happened. I could not make at least one video.

I am really really sorry about that. I am now back to Hyderabad and ready to go.

2. Upcoming Challenges

I have 3 Upcoming Challenges for the month of July

Challenge No 1 – $100 in 30 Days

As I told you earlier after I got this channel monetized I did not make videos for it. I only have $4 made on this channel till now.

Let me show you my revenue dashboard.

I was getting that amount because one of my videos was ranking on youtube for the keyword Print on demand India and it got few views here and there.

So, challenge no 1 is to make $100 by August 1st. that is in 30 days.

Challenge No 2 – Monetize another Channel in 30 days.

One of my channel Avinash Katta has 820 subscribers and 450 hours of watch time.

The challenge is to reach 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers in the next 30 days and monetize the channel.

Challenge No 3 – Rank videos on Top in Youtube and Google

I just created a fresh channel name grow with groove, where I help people grow their business with digital marketing along with promoting a product called Groove Funnels as an affiliate.

if I rank videos of groove funnels and people buy groove funnels lifetime deal through my affiliate link, I would be making close to 40,000 from 1 sale.

For now, I am not very sure if I can rank those videos because of the heavy competition but that is what the challenge is.

So, those are the 3 challenges, $100 in 30 days, 4000 hours in 30 days, Rank Youtube Videos in 30 days.

I will create separate playlists for these 3 challenges and will keep you updated on what is happening as the days pass by.

3. Future Plans

Exclusive VIP Facebook Group

I am Launching an Exclusive VIP Facebook Group for Indian Youtubers which in the next video. The idea is to build a strong community for all Indian YouTubers so that everyone can help each other and learn from each other’s successes and failures.

YouTube basics series

Youtube basics series. I am more focused on the beginner level YouTubers and want to create valuable education for them so that they can grow fast on youtube. I am going to create a YouTubers Basics series which is completely free and will be launching it on 7th July.

YouTube Education

Youtube tips and tricks – From now on this channel will be exclusively for YouTubers and every piece of video I am going to create will educate you in ways you never expected.

So those are the three things I wanted to tell you. Once again I am sorry for keeping you wait, get ready for the youtube educational videos I am going to make for you, and follow the 3 challenges that I am going to take from today.

Video URL – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aOHCtc266M